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Arizona Warranty Deed

Arizona Warranty Deed

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  • Deed Forms Combo Packages

    Popular Deed Forms Combo Packages which contain a variety of deeds for use in real estate transactions. Included are quitclaim deeds, a contract for deed and deeds which will assist in estate planning or administration.

  • Quitclaim Deed

    Quitclaim Deed for use when conveying interest in a property without any promise or guarantee by the grantor to the grantee. A Quitclaim Deed is often used to transfer property between family members, or from one spouse to another.

  • Warranty Deed (General)

    General Warranty Deed for use when conveying title to real estate. This deed is the type most commonly used and guarantees that the property title is free and clear. A General Warranty Deed also gives the most protection to both the buyer and the seller.

  • Contract for Deed

    Contract for Deed between a property owner (seller) and a buyer who agrees to make monthly installment payments. By agreement, the seller retains all title in the property until it has been paid for in full.

  • Grant Deed (California)

    Grant Deeds are for use in California under which an owner of property grants all interest and rights in that property to another person. Under this type of deed the owner declares that title in the property was not transferred to someone else.

  • Warranty Deed (Special)

    Special Warranty Deed which will convey interests in real property where the seller does not warrant against title defects prior to ownership. This deed contains a detailed description of the property and affords the buyer some protection.